Take A Break From Your Phone This Holiday Season

From eye strain, to shoulder tension, to general forgetfulness… staring at a screen all day just isn’t good for your health. While your phone or laptop can provide ample distraction from day to day stress or pressure, the holiday season is actually the perfect time of year to limit your time.

That’s why, this year, we want to help you monitor your screen time and find ways of relaxing that don’t require an eyeful of pixels. Here’s what you can do:

1. Use Apple Screen Time

And again Apple resurfaces with new ways to make life a little easier! According to Apple’s Support Center, you can use Screen Time to access real-time reports about how much time you spend on your iPhone and iPad, and set limits for what you want to manage. It’s easy to use and only requires a push of a button. What better way to limit your use of technology than to let technology do it for you?

2. Keep Your Phone At A Physical Distance

Setting certain restrictions on when you’re allowed to have your phone on your person is an easy way of managing your thumb-tapping habits. For instance, when you get home from work, keep your phone in a kitchen drawer and dedicate at least one to two hours to “screen-free time,” where you read a book or go for a walk. Alternatively, if you’re meeting a friend or group for lunch or dinner, make it a game. All present parties are to put their phones down on the table and out of their immediate reach. The first person to touch their tech during the meal has to pay!

3. When The Clock Strikes The Hour, Put It Down

Ever heard of how some people set food consumption limits during the day, such as not allowing themselves to eat food past 7:00 in the evening? Well, maybe they had the right idea. Try applying this to your phone, and think of it as an evening fast that requires far fewer physical cravings. By 7, 8, or even 9:00 p.m., tell yourself that the phone goes away! Just don’t forget to set your alarm for the next morning, first.

Your health is important to us, and sometimes all it takes to improve your daily well-being is to pay attention to the little things! And, here at SBR, we want you to live life to the fullest, so be sure to contact us today! We’re dedicated to providing each patient with a personal relationship in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, so call us to set up your appointment at one of our two convenient locations!