Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Chiropractic care boasts many benefits, from adjusting misaligned joints to alleviating spinal nerve pain – this beneficial practice of care is now covered by most insurance. Being adjusted by a chiropractor is beneficial whether you are in pain or not, due to their ability to read the body and make adjustments based on your posture or how you may be standing, or a number of other things. Chances are, you’re out of alignment somewhere. But one condition many may not consider seeking a chiropractor for, is pregnancy.

All chiropractors receive the necessary training during their schooling to work on pregnant women, learning techniques that avoid putting any unnecessary pressure on the abdomen. There are many reasons to seek chiropractic care while pregnant. During this time, a woman’s body will go through more changes than at any other time in her life. Among some of those changes is an increase in a useful, yet also pesky hormone called relaxin. The purpose of relaxin is to relax your muscles and loosen your ligaments and joints, especially in the pelvic region, making it easier for the area to expand during childbirth. The drawback is, that relaxin makes its way to every region in the body, and is not only relegated to the pelvis. This, along with the extra weight and loosening joints, can lead to discomfort and potential injury if your joints are not carefully monitored by a professional. Ever wonder why your feet are bigger after pregnancy? You can thank relaxin for that.

Additional changes that occur during pregnancy which require chiropractic attention relate to a protruding abdomen, leading to an increased back curve, disrupting pelvic alignment. If your pelvis becomes misaligned, this could significantly reduce the amount of room for your growing baby. A misaligned pelvis may also prevent a baby from getting into the ideal position for delivery, which could hinder a mother’s ability to have a natural birth, if she so desires.

Pregnancy is a very exciting, bewildering, and, at times, uncomfortable experience for many women. It helps to seek treatment from not only your OBGYN, but also a chiropractor who understands how the body moves and changes as this beautiful metamorphosis takes place. A chiropractor can help maintain a healthier pregnancy by reducing nausea, labor and delivery time, back pain, and the potential for a cesarean section.

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