The Benefits of Waxing: When It’s Time To Put Down the Razor

How many times have you found yourself sighing into your reflection in the mirror because of a quick, painful nick on your chin or upper lip? Or grumbling over your legs in the shower because that small cut on your ankle just won’t stop bleeding after a small slip of your hand?

And how many times have you wished you didn’t have to deal with it anymore?

Trust us, we understand the pain associated with the razor that you begrudgingly pick up again and again. But relief is close at hand, seeing as you have the will to find a solution and we have a way: waxing.

Smoother Sailing, Softer Skin

Shaving in and of itself is painful enough for the time spent agonizing over getting it right. From trying not to miss that one spot again to vigorously applying thick moisturizers so that you’re not burned by, well, razor burn, shaving just never seems to suit your skin well. Waxing, on the other hand, provides a simple alternative that won’t leave you physically (or emotionally) prickly.

For example, waxing doesn’t scratch, scrape, or slice your skin in the process of hair removal, making for an altogether less bumpy, irritating result. Plus, not only is it gentler on your skin overall, but it’s also suitable for all skin types, so those with sensitive skin don’t have to be turned off by it as a viable alternative.

Longer Results, Lasting Relief

If you have sought to remove unwanted hair without the ultimate permanence of laser hair removal, you’ll likely find waxing the ideal go-to. This is because, while not indefinitely lasting in its results, waxing will still provide you with the opportunity to relish weeks’ worth of smooth skin before your hair begins to grow back.

Unlike shaving, waxing treatments pull hair follicles out from the roots, meaning you won’t have to battle any soon-to-be stubble or deal with the itchy regrowing process after a mere day or two.

But it doesn’t end there. Waxing also offers some of the following benefits over shaving:

  • Waxing leaves no ingrown hairs
  • Waxing can unblock clogs pores
  • Waxing may lead to finer, slower-growing hair in the future
  • Waxing is an overall quicker, more efficient hair removal process


This is all to say, the smoothest, healthiest skin doesn’t just happen by accident — it happens by appointment. So why not set yourself up for success today by setting up your appointment with Sunrise Body Revival Chiropractic and Medspa? It’s as simple as waxing! Simply contact us today by calling 813-769-9258.